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Live BP is great !!  But perfecting swings on pitch location is the purposed.  Each game has seven innings and last approximately 60 minutes. Games are quick paced with a competitive scoring system.   

Each player bats every inning and receives six pitches.  Points are awarded for line-drives hit into designated areas of the net and for successful bunts.


Aside from the obvious fun aspects of the Hitting League, there are tremendous developmental benefits.  We all have observed the “pressure” players experience in game competition.  We have also observed how little players experience pressure in practice situations.  The Hitting Leagues create a situation where a player can practice under “semi-pressure” situations. 

  • Speeds are varied in 2 different cages as well as locations specified by THE COACH each week
  • Each inning is hit in a different cage to simulate quickly adjusting from Fastball to Change-up, high/inside vs low/outside pitches, etc.
  • Designed each week by the Head Coach according to pitch locations your team needs to practice.
  • Example:  1st week::  Fastball in Cage 1 down the middle  vs     Change-up in Cage 2 down the middle     2nd week:  Fastball low/outside    vs      Fastball high/inside

               3rd week:  Dropball    vs      Curveball


This league is designed specifically for full team entry (8-12 players).  The league will provide a fun, competitive atmosphere as well as a great team bonding experience for both newly established teams and veteran teams.  Players will compete for individual scores amongst their own team, and possibly others.  The HL provides hundreds of valuable swings in the off-season to gain on your competition.


Session Cost
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