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Grand Slam Summer Softball League

GS3 -  Travel and Select Divisions



GS3 Girls Fastpitch Rules and Information

GS3 is dedicated to a quality softball experience for the youth of our community. Our mission is to foster, promote and provide a positive forum to teach softball to young girls. We strive to focus on providing an affordable, well-serviced league with a strong focus on moral conduct, sportsmanship and teamwork.  The primary focus of the GS3 will be for the development and growth of softball in central Ohio while providing a positive experience for all the participants. The GS3 will celebrate the accomplishments and achievement of diligence throughout league play culminating with an end of season tournament.

Organizational Meeting-Sat, Dec. 11, 2021 Grand Slam USA @ 4pm

-Assessment Game Demos will be displayed

The goal of the GS3 is to provide memorable experiences through steady league competition leading up to the pinnacle excitement of a “Grand Slam” Championship Game.



GS3 Equality Rule: (GS3ER)

Travel time & expense = to field prep time & expense.

So the trade-off for Hosting HOME Games is = to traveling to AWAY games

Field Prep Time & Expense = Travel Time & Expense


Double Headers are equal for BOTH TEAMS – Each team is Home for 1 game

Each team brings 1 game Umpire Fee + 1 game ball EACH WEEK!!!


HOME FIELD- If you have access to a HOME FIELD for all Dates, please indicate on form.  This provides another team to participate in GS3 that does not have a Home Field available to them.  IF you have a HOME FIELD only available on specific dates, please list below.

Mark below if this applies to your team:

_____  Your team is UNABLE to host games

_____ Your team is ABLE to host ALL GAMES

_____ Your team is ABLE to host on SPECIFIC DATES

Dates available to HOST HOME GAMES:____________________________________________

Home Field Address:____________________________________________________________

*Home fields must be softball diamonds - all dirt infields.  Fields must be set-up according to ASA Rules.

*Restroom facilities onsite

Determine YOUR Division:

In order to maintain the strength of schedule and integrity of the League, we will use the following criteria to determine which league your team will be placed in:

History of the Organization:______________________________________________

Events played in prior year:______________________________________________

Tournament finishes:___________________________________________________

Coaches Resume:______________________________________________________

Referrals from key softball centers of influence:_____________________________


Travel Division:  In an attempt to combine the teams that focus on Tournament Level Competition thought-out the summer, this Division is one night per week schedule (10 games).  This is to allow ample time for travel to tournaments while still having meaningful competition during the week.  The league is designed to provide teams competitive games for players to perform their 2nd and 3rd positions that are not afforded them during competitive tournament play. 

The Travel Division will play on these nights: (Please see list of criteria to determine Division)

Tuesdays         16 Under         Double Headers          Only 6-8 Teams permitted

Tuesdays         14 Under         Double Headers          Only 6-8 Teams permitted

Wednesdays    12 Under         Double Headers          Only 6-8 Teams permitted

Wednesdays    10 Under         Double Headers          Only 6-8 Teams permitted

Travel Division Season:         5-week Season:  Begins, Tuesday, May 25 - July 9, 2022

Make-up Week:                     June 28 - July 2, 2022

Tournament:                         Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, July 6 – July 8, 2022 @ Emerald Park

                                             Rain Date:  Friday, July 9, 2022


League Fees:                       $265.00 covers 1 night/week schedule


GS3ER = Each team is responsible for $40 for umpire fee and game ball each week!!


  *10 + games

 *Scheduling of Games and Umpires

  *Maintenance of Umpires and Make-up games throughout Season

  *Full Service Website with Updated Standings

  *Weekly Updates from League Office

  *Tournament:  Top 4 Teams in each Division to Tournament.

*GS3 will provide and pay for fields, balls, and umpires during tournament play

*GS3 will provide Individual Awards (12) on Finals Night to top 2 teams

 *2 Umpires will be used during Semi-Finals and Finals

*Finals: Time Limit is extended to 1 hour 30 minutes

Select Division:  This League will be made up of teams that are a compilation of the All-Stars or Top Players within each community.  These teams have try-outs but are restricted to have 75-80% of the players to be from same community.  Ex:  Dublin Travel, Worthington Spirit, LC Sharks or Phoenix.  This league is for teams that play only 3-4 tournaments a summer, so 2-night a week schedule (20 games) is preferred to gain ample playing time during summer play.

The Select Division will play on these nights: (Please see list of criteria to determine Division)

Mondays/Wednesdays             14 Under         Double Headers         

Tuesdays/Thursdays                12 Under         Double Headers         

Tuesday/Thursdays                 10 Under         Double Headers

*Within the 10 Under and 12 Under Age Groups, there will be 2-3 Divisions based on skill level and number of teams.   This will promote even completion as well as streamline travel time to games. 

Example:             RED League     BLUE League     WHITE League

Mandatory ASSESSMENT GAMES (10U and 12U Divisions only) will be played on _________________at Mannino’s Grand Slam USA to determine skill level of battery (Pitcher/Catcher) and hitters.  There will be a 3-inning live hitting competition in cages to evaluate, assess, and assign participating teams to appropriate leagues.

Select Division Season:        Tuesday, May 25 – Friday, July 9, 2022

Make-up week:                     July 5 – July 9, 2022

Tournament:                         Monday-Thursday, July 12, 13, 14, 15, 2022

                                              Rain Date: Friday, July 16, 2022


League Fees:                       $365.00 for 2 night/week + Umpire Fees and Game Ball

GS3ER = Each team is responsible for $40 for umpire fee and game ball each week!!


*20 + games

*Scheduling of Games and Umpires

*Maintenance of Umpires and Make-up games throughout Season

*Full Service Website with Updated Standing

*Weekly Updates from League Office

*Tournament: Top 4 teams in each Division to Tournament 

*GS3 will provide and pay for fields, balls, and umpires during tournament play

*GS3 will provide Individual Awards (12) on Finals Night to top 2 teams

 *2 Umpires will be used during Finals

 *Finals: Time Limit is extended to 1 hour 30 minutes

League Games: Doubleheader format – Each team is HOME for 1 game

                        7 innings or no new inning after 1 hour and 10 minutes

                        *Time limit will be 1 hour and 10 minutes.  No new inning after the time has expired. Finish the inning  unless the home team is at bat and leading the game.  Please be aware that there may be cases in which the    second game may need to be called on account of darkness.  If this occurs, the game will be considered complete at the last completed inning.


Reporting:      All game scores (and game cancellations) must be reported to GS3 within 24

hours after the games completion. 

Game              The HOME team will be responsible for reporting scores.  GS3 must be notified Results: of any rescheduled games.



Weather         If the 1st game is stopped due to weather, 3 innings will beconsidered a game.  If less than 3 innings are played the remainder of the 1st game (starting exactly the same situation as the game was at the time of stoppage) and the 2nd  game will be rescheduled.  If the 1st game has been completed but the 2nd game must be cancelled due to weather in mid-game, then the game will revert back to the last completed inning, considered complete, and will not be rescheduled.

League Rules:  All teams must be sanctioned through ASA and have insurance.  All Coaches in  the dugout must have an ASA ID card showing the completion of a successful background check and at least one coach from each team must show an ACE Certification Card.   

                        Copies of Cards must be faxed to GS3 prior to season.        

No Tobacco USE ON FIELD OR IN DUGOUTS                

USA                 Youth Team Registration – ASA Sanction, team insurance required

Information Background Check – Required for all Youth Coaches and adults

                        in dugout.                                                                                           

                        Receive through                                 Credit Card Required

                                (Receive an ID Card with no photo)


                        ACE Certification – Required for Youth teams each year                 

                        One Coach in dugout per team (minimum)                                      

                                Receive through                                 Credit Card Required

                        Receive an ACE Certification Card

USA                 Ohio State Commissioner

Questions:      Warren Jones



GS3 League USA Rule Exceptions:

*Teams may bat entire roster.  This does not have to apply to both teams.

                        -If team starts game with batting entire roster, must complete game with same order.  An out will be taken if player cannot fulfill spot in batting order.


*Unlimited substitutions, but the batting order must remain the same

*10U League Rule Exceptions for Select Divisions - Maximum 6 runs per inning

*Home fields must be softball diamonds - all dirt infields.  Fields must be set-up according to ASA Rules.

*Restroom facilities onsite

*Each team provides 1 new USA Game Softball

*Substitute Players

                        -Players may substitute for teams if playing at the same level or above.

                        -A substitute’s age must qualify them for age group may be used to replace missing or injured players.

                        -A sub-player may not be an active player on another team within same age group and night of competition.


*Eligibility of Players

                        -League age divisions are determined by ages of players as of 1/20/22

-A player may not be rostered on multiple teams in same age group.  If a player quits a team, she can join another team in same age group, but she is no longer allowed to play with her previous team with notification to and approval from GS.

                        -Players can play for multiple teams in DIFFERENT age groups, as long as they are age eligible.

                        -Rosters along with all updates must be turned into GS3.  No further changes will be accepted 2 weeks prior to tournament.

                        -Players that participate in tournament must have played in at least half of the league games.

                        -Exceptions to these rules must be approved by GS3.

*Umpire/Parent/Coach Interactions
First and foremost, this league is about the girls!  Winning is always more fun, but ultimately, this league was designed to help give the girls more experience and develop their skills.
In saying this, we will not tolerate or condone any behavior that is deemed disrespectful to the players, coaches or umpires. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Inappropriate language 
  • Coaches addressing opposing players or parents in a negative manner
  • Being demeaning to players, umpires or parents
  • GS3 Head Coach Accountability Rule:  If a parent is warned and then thrown out of a game, the Head Coach of that team is thrown out as well !!  Coaches need to keep their parents in check
  • If any Coach gets a 2nd ejection at any point of the season, the coach shall be suspended from the league and the teams future participation in GS3 events will be under review.  If another coach is not available to take over the coaching duties of that team, the fees and games will be forfeited. 
Umpires have been instructed to handle Coaches and Parents according to the current situation. Our umpire assignor and I will handle all umpire issues directly once reported to us.


Mike Burwell – Head of Umpires           

*GS3 will call/text umpire/Coaches 24 hours before scheduled game as a reminder.

*If games are cancelled due to weather, contact the umpire and GS3 as soon as possible.  Try to reschedule with umpire at the time of rain out if possible.

*If HOME TEAM does not contact umpire to cancel due to weather, the home team will owe the umpire for 1 game.  If it rains after the umpire already arrives, the HOME TEAM will owe the umpire for 1 game.

*Each Team is responsible for paying umpires.  The fee is $40 per game.  Each team pays for 1 game of the DH.   Umpires must be notified by 4pm or within 2 hours of game time, if game is to be rescheduled.


*Coaches must make every effort to re-schedule games due to weather or team conflicts within 2 weeks of scheduled game.


            -Home team offers 2 dates – if agreement cannot be met, then

            -Visiting team offers 2 dates – if agreement cannot be met, then

            -Games will be reported as split victories (2-0)

-If, for any reason a team is not willing to reschedule or makes no attempt to reschedule within the 2-week time frame, then that team will take the points for a loss.

Games not made-up prior to the Friday before League Tournament begins, will not count in Standings.

Tournament Games Rained out will be made-up the next available dry day. If it takes more than 7 days, the #1 seed will then be determined Champion if no games are played.



*Teams will be given the following points to determine their position in the league and tournament seeding within each division:

            -Win    =          3 points

            -Tie      =          2 points

            -Loss    =          1 point

+Runs allowed will be the tie-breaker


*GS3 reserves the right to modify or change guidelines to GS3 or terminate any coach, player, team or parent for behavior that is detrimental to the League.  Please see Code of Conduct section in the USA rule book.



Session Cost
There are currently no sessions available. Please check back later.