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Each game has seven innings.  Each player bats every inning and receives six pitches.  Points are awarded for line-drives hit into designated areas of the net and for successful bunts.  Players for each team alternate until the innings are completed.  Scores will be individual.

Aside from the obvious fun aspects of the Hitting League, there are tremendous developmental benefits.  We all have observed the “pressure” players experience in game competition.  We have also observed how little players experience pressure in practice situations.  The Hitting Leagues create a situation where a player can practice under “semi-pressure” situations. 

Each team consists of 4 players.

If you have a team of just 2 or 3 kids, that's fine, as we will provide you with a player(s) from our free agent list.

We also take FREE AGENT sign ups if you would like to sign up but don't have a partial team, or full team.

Scorekeepers are provided.

Play-offs: Week 5

Age Divisions: 

7-8 yr olds, 9-10 yr olds, 11-12 yr olds


To register:

  • Click on “online” button below.  You will be directed to the esoft registration system 
  • If you already have an account, you can sign-in as usual.  If you do not have an account, you will need to create an account with user name and password
  • Once in your account, under Today’s schedule click “Sign-up for League” or go to “Leagues” in the top bar menu under Scheduling.
  • Once on the league page, choose your league and then click on “Coach Sign-up” or “Individual Sign-up” 
    • If individual/free agent:
      • Enter Athlete Name and click "Join Individual Pool" 
      • Please note if there is a team or other athlete you would like to play with.
      • Make sure you complete the check-out process in your shopping cart
      • You will receive a confirmation email once it goes through
      • We will place you on a team and contact you with information
  • If a coach/manager:
    • Create a Team with Name, Color (will not be used in the league, but is a required field), Player Join Code (this is how players will register to be on the correct team), and pay the league fee.
      • If you are only carrying 4 athletes on your roster and would like individuals to pay, please call the facility, and we will set up the team.
    • Once the team is created, you will send out “invites to the team” using email addresses.
    • Players will then receive an instructional email as to how to register for your team.

Please call the facility if you have any questions - 614-717-9934 



Sundays, November 7- December 5

Game times:  4:30 pm ; 5:45 pm ; 7:00 pm



Sundays, January 9-February 6

COST:  $75.00/athlete for 5 weeks 



Session Cost

Cage Hitting League - Fall 2021
Date & Times: Sundays, 11/07/21 - 12/05/21 • Varies

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