Justin M.

I highly recommend this place to Everyone that loves the game of baseball. Very knowledgeable staff and a Top notch facility. Well definitely be going back for years to come.

Daren N.
The only place to go! I've know most of the staff for a number of years and they don't just take your money like most places, they actually care about your son or daughter getting better!
Jeannie L.
We held our 5th grade football banquet here and it was awesome!!!! The kids had a blast. The staff was wonderful and extremely friendly. Thanks for a super event.
Pat N.
Thanks for your help this winter. Jack had great sophomore season. Played second and short. Led the team in putouts and batted 370. Will be back to see you next winter. Although our meetings have been few, your influence in his development has been tremendous. I’m trying to send more Zanesville people your way!!
Rich R.
I would like to thank you at Mannino's for the great work you did with Renata. She made 1st team all league in the MSL. Please also give my thanks to Chad Reed.
Lilly G.
Mannino’s Grand Slam is a place I get to practice, and play softball. They help me to become a better softball player. The staff, at Grand Slam, go out of their way to help me get better, and teach me new things, I never knew about. Chris helps me with hitting, catching, and sliding. Ron and Amber helps me with my pitching. Lastly, all the staff is special to me, and help me with anything I need to work on. Thank you for helping me become a better softball player.
Cara S.
"I have never been one to produce in a clutch situation. After fouling off a few I hit one right over the shortstops head and the girl scored. Later in the game our pitcher gave up a hit with a girl on second and they scored and we were tied and ended up going into 9 innings. My pitcher was very very shaken. She said she'd been to your mental training session and before we went out we sat there and said positive statements and closed our eyes and envisioned it happening. Between each inning we told each other positive statements and we pulled through and won 2-1. I just would like to thank you for everything. That game was absolutely huge. Thank you for helping me and remembering why I love this game so much because I'd been starting to question myself in playing and it's because of the feeling after games like these."
Ashley C.
I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done to help me!! My hitting has improved so much and I've am doing well this fall! I'm super excited bc we're playing at OSU this weekend and I've been playing well so I'm excited to get into game situations! Thanks so much I feel so much more confident as a hitter!!
Denver and Aly
Hi Dani, Wanted to reach out and extend a personal thanks for your efforts you put forth in a recent slapping session that my daughter attended at Maninno's Grand Slam in Columbus Ohio this past month. My daughter was very impressed with you. That is the sort of positive impressions that are so critical to developing young girls (2007) as I'm sure you're aware of. We plan to attend additional sessions in January as well and hope to see you there.
Audrey H

It's very important to continue practicing with live reps during the off season. The hitting league offers live at-bats and tons of reps so you can stay prepped for tryouts in the spring.

I loved participating in the hitting league! I always felt like I got a quality workout during the games. The umpires really kept the game moving while the high number of at-bats allowed me to focus on specific areas of my offensive skill set. Being a catcher, I also worked on my defense, which kept my throwing arm and form strong through the winter. Because of the work I put in at Mannino's, I wasn't sore after the first week of school tryouts! The games were held in a fun yet focused atmosphere that let me make the most of my practice time. Overall, the high school hitting league offers a great value in reps and game experience. It's a great way to stay game-ready through the winter.