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Fastpitch softball pitching lessons at Grand Slam are the BEST!!  Grand Slam's pitching staff has over 75 years combined of actual pitching and coaching experience.  Not only did they actually pitch professional or at the college level, but they all love the game and can be seen at the ballfields all over town checking upon all their students.  Les Randolph, who is know throughout central Ohio as one of the BEST pitching instructor has been teaching at Grand Slam for 20 years.  Les is joined by Ron Marstiller, a member of the US International Men's Softball team and some of his accomplishments can be seen in the national Softball Association's Hall of Fame.

From beginner to pro, Grand Slam is the place!!  Basic fundamentals of the windmill pitching motion to various pitches like the drop, change, curve, and rise are taught and perfected.  No two pitchers are the same, so Ron and Les work with the students natural abilities to determine their own style and maximize their potential.  All lessons need to provide their own catcher to get optimal training out of each lesson.


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