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Benefits of Mental Training


Players will create a vision of the player they want to be. They will learn to:

  • Set goals to improve their skill level

  • Become more confident in their game

  • Identify their personal strengths

  • Become disciplined in their thought process in pressure situations

  • Control emotions that impact their performance

  • Improve mental focus

  • Replace self-doubt with powerful, confident action

  • Utilize mental visualization to “program” their subconscious mind

  • Develop an effective mental approach to hitting




Karen Linder is 4 - time MAC Coach of the Year with over 800 career victories and 12 championship titles. She is proven in developing championship performers, having coached 11 Academic All Americans, 6 All Americans, 5 professional athletes, 82 All-Conference players, and over 200 scholar athletes at the NCAA I, II and NAIA levels. Most recently she coached the 2017 USA 12U Ohio/WV Team in the USA All American Games in OKC.  



  • Focused on improving/instilling good swing mechanics

  • Designed for players that want to hit with more power and improve their mental approach at the plate

  • Incorporates front toss, tees, video, and other various hitting tools

  • Grades 8 through High School


Athlete Testimony


“I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given me. My current swing mechanics are not even comparable to where they were before I started working with you. When I get compliments on my swing, I am quick to let them know that you are my hitting coach. In addition to the mechanical training we have done, the mental training has helped me achieve success in all aspects of the game. Everything in my game is much more positive and my confidence gets better every day. I look forward to continuing our training and can't wait to see how far it takes me. Thank you so much.”  

  • Kelsi Anderson, Sophomore


“Mental training gives me an edge over my opponents. It helps me understand how to better utilize my strengths and how to identify and improve my weaknesses. The mental game helps me slow things down at game time, which always makes me feel in control of my performance.”

  • Maddy Grimm


“Mental training is a very overlooked skill in all of sports. When I moved from high school to college softball, I began to realize how beneficial a strong mental game is. Learning to visualize and control my mental state improved my confidence. I was able to play more relaxed and confident. With mental training, I became better prepared for competition.”

  • Holly Speers


Parent Testimony


“I want to thank you for having the mental training hitting class. My daughter finished her summer season with numerous hits and 27 home runs. She really benefited from the time you spent with her. Again I thank you very much for helping her improve.”

  • From the father of an 8th grader


“Karen Linder has helped our daughter elevate her softball game to the “next level.”  Karen’s positive, honest, and genuine approach guides our daughter to not just be the best she can, but BETTER than she believes. She is light years ahead of the competition. Thank you for everything you do Karen!”

  • From father of a 10-year-old


Sundays, January 13th, 20th, 27th, February 3rd, 10th

Time: 6:30 pm - 7:50 pm

Cost:  $195



For more information about this program, contact: Karen Linder at 330–221–5197 or email at



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