baseball Leagues » Youth Travel Baseball League 2018


Dates:  Week of August 20 – September 22

Tournament:  Friday, Sept 28 – Saturday, Sept 29

Divisions:  9u, 10u, 12u, 14u

 Teams should register for the division where they will be playing during the Summer 2019 season.

9U will play under modified rules


League Fees:  $350/team + Umpire Fees and Game Ball (Teams will spilt umpire fees $20/game/team)



  • 10 games (1 weeknight; 1 weekend)
  • Scheduling of Games and Umpires
  • Maintenance of Umpires and Make-up games throughout Season
  • Full Service Website with Updated Standings
  • Weekly Updates from League Office
  • Tournament: Top 4 teams in each Division to Tournament
  • MGS will provide and pay for fields, balls, and umpires during tournament play
  • MGS will provide Individual Awards (12) on Finals Night to top 2 teams
  • 2 Umpires will be used during Finals


League Games: 

6 innings or 2 hour time limit

No new inning after the time has expired. Finish the inning unless the home team is at bat and leading the game.  Please be aware that there may be cases in which the game may need to be called on account of darkness.  If this occurs, the game will be considered complete at the last completed inning.

Reporting:  All game scores (and game cancellations) must be reported to MGS within 24 hours after the games completion. 

Game:  The HOME team will be responsible for reporting scores.  MGS must be notified.  Please verify all scores before leaving the field.

 Weather Issues:  If the game is stopped due to weather, 3 innings will be considered a game.  If less than 3 innings are played the remainder of the 1st game (starting exactly the same situation as the game was at the time of stoppage) will be rescheduled.



MGS Umpire Assignor will schedule all umpires for the games and send contact info to the coaches

*MGS will call/text umpire/Coaches 24 hours before scheduled game as a reminder.

*If games are cancelled due to weather, contact the umpire and MGS as soon as possible.  Try to reschedule with umpire at the time of rain out if possible.

*If HOME TEAM does not contact umpire to cancel due to weather, the home team will owe the umpire for the game.  If it rains after the umpire already arrives, the HOME TEAM will owe the umpire for the game.

*Each Team is responsible for paying umpires.  The fee is $40 per game ($20/team). Umpires must be notified by within 2 hours of game time, if game is to be rescheduled.



Session Cost
There are currently no sessions available. Please check back later.