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The 2018 Spring Training Camp is a five week camp where players are taught the necessary skills to become better baseball players.  There are both fielding and batting camps offered.  Players are divided into small groups and work with professionally trained coaches on the necessary skills and mechanics of hitting and fielding. This camp is designed to be both fun and educational.

Hitting Camp: For five weeks, hitters are rotated through a series of drill stations that work on the basic and advanced mechanics of the swing.  Coaches instruct and work with each kid as an individual.  The program is designed to improve players balance, timing, pitch recognition, power, bat speed, and confidence.  Bunting is also covered.  Hitters are taught an understanding of the swing allowing them to continue to develop on their own.  Through repetition, young hitters develop a better base allowing them to hit the ball harder more consistently while older players learn about hitting the ball the other way and hitting off speed pitches more consistently. 

Fielding:  These sessions are designed to teach the 7-10 year olds the fundamentals of the game.  Our coaches teach the proper footwork and throwing mechanics it takes to progress as a young player.  By learning the basics, youngsters become more comfortable catching a ball and fielding a ball both in practice and a game.



Sundays from March 18th- April 22nd, 2018 (skip Easter Sunday 4/1/18)

(Makeup date available on April 29th for those on Spring Break)


Ages 7-10:

Hitting and Fielding:  12:00-2:00pm (3 spots)

Hitting Only:              1:00 - 2:00 pm (1 Spot)

Hitting only:              2:00-3:00pm  (FULL)


Ages 11-14:

Hitting only:              2:00pm-3:00pm (FULL)

Hitting Only:              3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (3 spots)



Hitting only - $125/athlete

Hitting and Fielding- $200/athlete


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