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The 2019 Winter Blast Baseball Camp 2 is a five-week camp where players are taught the skills to become better baseball players. Players will be divided into small groups and will work with professional instructors on the mechanics of hitting and fielding. This camp is designed to be both fun and educational.


There are fielding and batting camps available for registration.


Hitting Camp: Hitters will be rotated through a series of drill stations that work on the basic and advanced mechanics of the swing. Coaches instruct and work with each athlete individually. The program is designed to improve balance, timing, pitch recognition, power, bat speed, and confidence. Bunting is also instructed. Hitters will develop foundational skills allowing them to increase their swing strength and make consistent contact.


Fielding: Camp sessions are designed to teach the fundamentals of the game. Instructors will focus on teaching proper throwing and fielding mechanics. Emphasis will be placed on practicing healthy throwing form to reduce injury. By learning the basics, athletes will become more comfortable catching and fielding in pressure situations.


Dates: Sundays, February 9th - March 8th, 2020 


For more information contact Mannino’s Grand Slam USA

Phone: 614.717.9934


Address: 6635 Dublin Center Drive, Dublin, Ohio 43017



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