Mannino's Grand Slam USA
Monday-Friday: 2:00pm-9:00pm
$1 Tokens All Day on Fridays
Memorial Holiday Wkd. Hours:
Sat/Sun-10am-5pm Mon-Closed

6635 Dublin Center Drive, Dublin, Ohio 43017
Phone: 614.717.9934
Fax: 614.717.9433

Mannino's Grand Slam USA Batting Cages

At Mannino's Grand Slam USA, we have facilities that allow you to get in the practice time you want. There are a variety of ways you can make the most of our batting cages.

Batting Tokens (15 Balls) $1.50
Grand Slam Special (Buy 5 Tokens, Get One Free) $7.50
Friday Night Special (5-10pm) $1.00
MVP Discount Cards  
25 Rounds $30
50 Rounds $50
100 Rounds $80
(Expires one year after date of purchase)
Cage Rentals (Auto Cage):  
One Hour $45
Half Hour $25